About Marius


Marius was found bedraggled on a beach very poorly with terrible Mange. At the beginning of his stay at DASH Marius had to be kept in an isolation for months until his condition was treated so he spent many weeks very lonely, without so much as a cuddle. He was so weak he couldn’t even stand.

Fortunately, Marius received the treatment he needed and is now able to be with the other dogs. He is a very gentle, soft-natured little boy, although a little timid, as he hasn’t had a very happy Puppyhood.

Marius would make a very loving, loyal pet, but needs a patient owner who is happy to help him regain his bounce and enjoy life again.

Could you give Marius a loving home?

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Our dogs can travel to your country and we’ll arrange it all. 

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Tell us about the dog you’re interested in, or alternatively we can help you find your perfect match, we have hundreds of dogs looking for a home at our shelter!

The adoption process can take a few weeks to a few months depending on transport arrangements we need to make for your new fur baby. A ‘home check’ will take place at your home before an adoption is finalized so that we may check you and your chosen dog are the perfect match!

Katerina our founder has a remarkable relationship with the dogs and instinctively knows the various personalities and which type of families they would suit.

All dogs have passports and can travel to your country.

Each dog is fully tested for any medical issues prior to adoption and are vaccinated, wormed and treated for fleas.

There is a fee of approx. £482 for an adoption.

We do not make any profit on this fee.

The cost of the adoption goes towards the safe travel arrangements for your new fur baby and any health checks and subsequent treatment required before travel.

Our DASH Rescue dogs make beautiful, loving and highly rewarding members of the family! One of the benefits of adopting a DASH dog is that due to the way in which they are looked after in ‘packs’ having regular contact with humans, all our ‘adoptables’ are friendly and well-socialised.

In general rescue dogs require a period of adjustment and some training to settle in to their new home, but it is so wonderful to see them grow in confidence and enjoy all the little things in life that other dogs take for granted.