Hi, I’m Bonnie

I was found in Amaliadia. 

When the volunteers at DASH found me, it was very clear that I was very, very hungry and that I hadn’t eaten anything in a long time. 

I was also very dehydrated and poorly. 

The DASH volunteers are providing me with the medicine, food and love I need to get healthy and strong again. 

I love my new life at DASH and with your help, you could make DASH an even better environment for me and all of my friends.

By sponsoring life-long DASH residents, like me, you will be helping feed and care for me and changing the lives of every dog that comes to DASH for help, love and shelter!

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Could Bonnie be adopted?

Bonnie is on long term medication for leishmaniasis- could be adopted once stable or healthy. She is 1.5 years old, birthday around Feb 2019. 

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