Hi, I’m Cassie

My name is Cassie and I’m a Greek Shepard.

I have lived at the shelter for just over 2 years, since the start of 2019 (so since my puppyhood!).

Before being rescued by DASH Dogs, I was living beneath a dumpster, with wire around my neck and agonising cuts all over my legs. 

I was in so much pain that I couldn’t move and had been without food and drink for days. 

Luckily, DASH Dogs found me and got me emergency veterinary care. 

It took a while, but eventually, DASH Dogs nursed me back to health. 

Even though I started to feel better physically, I was still so nervous to be around the humans at DASH Digs.

Due to the horrific abuse I had previously suffered at the hands of humans, I found it really difficult to trust people. 

Over time, I have grown to trust and love the humans at DASH Dogs, and since being here I have changed a lot!

Today, I’m a bouncy, energetic Greek Shepard who loves all things active.

I’m unlikely to be adopted because as a Greek Shepard I need lots of open land to run free in.

I also need a family who have lots of experience with nervous dogs because although I’m super confident with the DASH Dogs volunteers now, I still find it hard meeting new people.  

By sponsoring life-long DASH Dogs residents like me, you will be helping feed and care for me and changing the lives of every dog that comes to DASH Dogs for help, love and shelter!

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