Hi, I’m Flora

In most countries, I am considered not adoptable. In fact, it would be unlawful for DASH to home me in those countries. 

This is because I am a Pitbull, and for that reason alone my odds of spending my life in the shelter are multiplied.  

Pit bulls are known for their tenacity when fighting but the human volunteers at DASH haven’t seen this in me. 

I don’t go looking for fights, in fact, I’m very docile. 

Despite my character, my chances of finding a forever home are negligible purely because of my banned breed. 

If you love Pitbull’s, please consider donating to help make DASH an even better home for me and all of my friends. 

By sponsoring life-long DASH residents, like me, you will be helping feed and care for me and changing the lives of every dog that comes to DASH for help, love and shelter!

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Can Flora be adopted?

Unlikely to be adopted but can for right person but they would have to live outside of UK or in a country where pitbull types are not banned. Leishmaniasis positive so needs ongoing medication and adds to unlikelihood of adoption. Found as a stray. Aged four years, birthday March 2016.

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