Hi, I’m Heraklis

I am 11 years old, an old-timer at the shelter, and as one of the life-long residents here, DASH has become my home. 

My life before living here at DASH was very difficult. I suffered from a lot of abuse in the past and had my tail roughly cut off. 

I’m one of the life-long residents at DASH and there are many reasons why I would prefer to stay here at the shelter. 

At the age I am now, I would be much more comfortable staying at DASH. I am very happy living here. 

I am the pack leader in my area, a status that I love to have! 

I love the routines, the other dogs and the main volunteers here at DASH. Everyone here loves me; they make me feel special!

When there is another dog that is desperate for a blood transfusion, I take the helm and give my blood to help my friends! 

I love my new life at DASH and with your help, you could make DASH an even better environment for me and all of my friends. 

By sponsoring life-long DASH residents, like me, you will be helping feed and care for me and changing the lives of every dog that comes to DASH for help, love and shelter!

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Could Heraklis be adopted?

Unlikely to be adopted due to age, size. Tail cut off but could be adopted in the unlikely event somebody perfect came along who would understand his needs and no children etc. Name means Hercules. Named for his bravery and strength. 11 years old, birthday Feb 2009

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