Hi, I’m Ion

I’m a one-eyed boy and I’m one of the life-long residents at DASH Dogs. 

There are many reasons why I would prefer to stay here at the shelter. 

I love people, but other dogs can make me feel very nervous! Sometimes I get very worked up and can lash out at those around me. 

It would take a lot of work and patience to change my behaviour and I might get too stressed to live in a traditional home. 

I have leishmaniasis, a disease caused by sand-flies, and I am having medical treatment for this. I mustn’t get too stressed whilst I am being treated for this! 

I love my new life at DASH Dogs and with your help, you could make DASH Dogs an even better environment for me and all of my friends. 

By sponsoring life-long DASH Dogs residents like me, you will be helping feed and care for me and changing the lives of every dog that comes to DASH Dogs for help, love and shelter!

To help me and my all my furry friends at DASH Dogs, click the button below to go to DASH Dogs JustGiving.

Then, simply click ‘donate’ and select to make this a ‘Monthly’ donation. 

Could Ion be adopted?

Not for adoption.

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