Hi, I’m Lilo

Hi, I’m Lilo and I was rescued from the village of Likotrafo in May 2020.

As you can see, I’m in a very poorly condition and have advanced mange and anaemia. 

I was very weak when I was found and malnourished, so I have quite a long way to go to get healthy and put on weight. 

The humans that take care of me say they think I was born in 2018 but because I am very nervous and scared, I won’t let them examine my teeth to assess my age more accurately. 

Maybe when I am feeling better I will let them have a look.

The volunteers here at DASH Dogs tell me that I am ok and in time I will learn to trust them, but for now they give me my space and just sit with me for a little while every day. 

I am taking lots of medication and I need special food to help me put on weight. 

My immune system is compromised by my condition and the stress of my new surroundings. 

I hope that when my mange has gone completely, I can hang out with some of the other dogs here at DASH Dogs. 

I’m not allowed right now, whilst I am contagious. 

Being with other dogs might teach me that it’s okay to trust these new humans in my life. 

I am on a long road to recovery but with the help of the Ivermectin medication, mange shampoo baths, topical creams and diet in time I should heal. 

The vet told me that when I am better my fur will grow back and I will be a very pretty girl indeed. 

I am anaemic at the moment so I need treatment for that too and then hopefully once I am in a stable condition I can be tested for Mediterranean diseases. 

Fingers crossed, if I test negative, I might even be able to be put up for adoption one day, but it’s a long way off. 

First, I need to concentrate on getting my health stabilised and then we can work on my socialisation with humans. 

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