Hi, I’m Louisa

Greetings DASHERS!! 

My name Louisa, I arrived at DASH Dogs in the summer of 2018 but was born in 2016 (approximately, according to the vets). 

I was found hiding in an isolated rural area, protecting my puppies. 

My babies were not doing so well and weren’t thriving, and I had mastitis. 

My puppies were very weak and sadly, they passed away. 

I was in a very bad way as I was mourning my puppies and fighting an infection due to the mastitis that was both painful and difficult to eradicate. 

I was thin and emaciated but the DASH Dogs volunteers were determined to get me healthy again.

I didn’t eat for three days after my babies crossed the rainbow bridge and my new human friends were so sad for me that they couldn’t save them. 

I became very withdrawn and depressed. 

Eventually, my appetite returned but I would only eat if one of the humans would come and sit down beside me. 

It was the beginnings of trust…

I would wait for them to sit next to me to eat and they wouldn’t look at me, to keep me comfortable, whilst I ate. 

Two years on, I am a different dog.

If you look into my eyes you will see that they hold memories and sadness and grief, but there is also a little sparkle there too. 

I love my human companions here at DASH Dogs and have many friends indeed! 

Old habits die hard so as you can see in my pictures, I sometimes dig a little hole to sit in and watch the world go by! 

I am far from the dog I was when I arrived, emaciated and depressed. 

Now I have a happy, waggy tail and I could even probably do with upping my aerobic exercise! 

What? I just love to sit and sunbathe, I’m not lazy I’m leisurely!

My story began with sadness but luckily for me it has a happy ending, as I was saved by DASH Dogs. 

I love my life here and am likely to spend the rest of my days watching the world go by at the shelter. 

I am a stocky, well-built Bull Breed mix, so I could be classified as a Pitbull type. 

This means my chances of adoption are extremely low, but if the right people came along and lived in a country where I am allowed, I would love a chance at a home of my own. 

For now, DASH Dogs will continue to look after me… 

Can you help them care for me? I think I will be here for a long time yet.

By sponsoring long term DASH Dogs residents like me, you will be helping feed and care for me and changing the lives of every dog that comes to DASH Dogs for help, love and shelter!

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