Hi, I’m Tommy

Everyone here at DASH thinks that I am adorable – I’ve only been here a few weeks, but I have already made a big impression!

I’m one of the life-long residents at DASH and there are many reasons why I would prefer to stay here at the shelter. 

My path in life before being found by DASH was not easy. When the DASH volunteers found me, I was badly injured. 

I had been beaten around my head and my jaw was fractured. 

This has left me with some neurological damage that limits my ability to control my tongue! 

I’m a Greek Shepherd, we have some personality qualities that make us unhappy being family dogs. 

As a Greek Shepherd, I have very, very strong guarding instincts. 

I’m also quite picky with who I let into my circle of human friends and I can get quite angry around other male dogs.

This could cause problems in a traditional family home. 

I love my new life at DASH. I feel happy, safe and loved.  

With your help, you could make DASH an even better environment for me and all of my friends. 

By sponsoring life-long DASH residents, like me, you will be helping feed and care for me and changing the lives of every dog that comes to DASH for help, love and shelter!

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Could Tommy be adopted?

Not for adoption.

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