Hi, I’m Velika

I’m one of the happiest dogs in the world! I might be 1 year old now, but I’ll never lose my youth, I’ll always be a puppy at heart! 

Even though I have some physical health problems, I don’t want to rest or be restricted in my surroundings – I just want to play and be happy!

I have partial paralysis in my back legs, making it more difficult for me to walk. The DASH Dogs volunteers think I may have had distemper when I was a little puppy which caused neurological damage. I’m also prone to infection in my spine. 

With such complicated health issues, it’s difficult to say what my future may hold. But right now, living at the DASH Dogs rescue centre, I am happy, cared for and loved! 

When I feel well enough, I am free to run around outside the centre. Playing and frolicking the day away! 

I love my new life at DASH Dogs and with your help, you could make DASH Dogs an even better environment for me and all of my friends. 

By sponsoring life-long DASH Dogs residents like me, you will be helping feed and care for me and changing the lives of every dog that comes to DASH Dogs for help, love and shelter!

To help me and my all my furry friends at DASH Dogs, click the button below to go to DASH Dogs JustGiving.

Then, simply click ‘donate’ and select to make this a ‘Monthly’ donation. 

Could Velika be adopted?

Not for adoption.

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