Behind the Scenes at DASH Dogs

Ever wondered what happens to all those wonderful things you donate to DASH Dogs?

The blankets, the food, the towels, the bikes, the beds, the crates etc. Here is their story….

Firstly, we have collection points, where individuals can take things they want to donate!

Should you wish to send us any old (or new!) items simply email here: and we can let you know where to send!

We have some wonderful people collecting things for us, and some amazing volunteers who clean and repair donated items ready for packing. If you’d like to volunteer email us here: we’d love to you join our friendly team!

Once all the items donated are ready for our DASH Doggies, ‘Mick’ our super ‘man with a van’ drives all over the UK collecting the donations! We love him!

Then Mick, June, Ian and Julie (more amazing volunteers) sort, fold, pack, squeeze, organise everything and pack everything into banana boxes! Crazy but true!

Banana boxes help us load everything into a haulier and they also allow us to use every inch of space in that haulier to get as many items to the DASH Dogs shelter in Greece as quickly and as economically as possible (since we run solely on donations from lovely people such as you!).

Then June (Micks super partner!) organises with the haulier a collection date so that our Mick can stack the pallets into the hauler (like we say, we love him!)

The haulier then finally leaves the UK!

The haulier arrives in Athens, Greece. At which point Katerina (our incredible founder) arranges the delivery to the DASH Dogs shelter in Messini!

As you can see behind the scenes, there a lot of hard work, love and passion that goes into every inch of DASH Dogs!

It’s all so worth it…

The donations are met with wagging tails and dog kisses!

The following day the process starts all over again – collecting donations for the next month!

If you’d like to donate you can do so by collecting anything and everything you feel might help a dog in need. Such as dog biscuits, puppy pads, bandages, flea, tick and worming treatments (we prefer Bravecto, this works best!) dog beds, blankets, old jumpers, old towels, unused dog crates…. anything that you can think of!

We’d love your support, anything you think our dogs may find of use, please do donate them to us, you can be sure, we’ll put them to good use and could really make a difference to our dogs’ lives.

Simply email to find out where your local collection point address is.