Could you help?

We’re a charity made up of volunteers in the UK and in Greece.
We rely solely on public donations and volunteering.
We help provide food, veterinary care, shelter and rehabilitation to hundreds of homeless dogs in Greece.

We are seeking...

Bargain Hunters

Volunteer to seek out dog toys, beds, blankets, old jumpers from friends, charity shops, jumble sales & boot sales

Home Checkers

Volunteers needed to visit potential adoptee homes around the UK


Volunteer drivers needed for collection and delivery of donated goods in the UK

Dog Chauffeurs

Volunteer drivers needed for collecting newly adopted dogs from the UK, Brussels and Paris airports

Dog Lovers

Volunteers needed to visit our shelter in Greece to show our dogs love and affection

Dog Groomers

Volunteer professional groomers to visit our shelter in Greece to give our dogs a makeover

Builders & Handy-People

Volunteers needed to visit our shelter in Greece to help build more shelters and shade for our dogs

Vets & Veterinary Nurses

Volunteers needed to visit our shelter in Greece to help provide care and treatment


Volunteer coordinators needed to help seek out Medical Supplies from vets and veterinary medical companies

Admin Support

volunteers to assist with
all things admin


Coffee mornings, BBQs, raffles, sponsored dog walks, quiz nights, online auctions, corporate donations, schools and colleges etc.

Social Media Lovers

Volunteers needed to help raise awareness on social media platforms

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The cost of your morning coffee could be enough to save a dog’s life today!